Learning How to Fly is the story of unstoppable passion. Britt Lind’s acting career was filled with a seeming endless series of wins and setbacks, but she persevered. Readers with an interest in the tough and quixotic world of Hollywood movie-making will find much in Lind’s story to hold their interest. I was surprised that even successful actors can find it a continuous and difficult challenge.

But the book is much more than a behind the scenes look at movie making. Lind’s passion for acting is matched by her compassion for animals. Whether writing about rescuing cats, speaking up for fur seals and whales, or taking on the animal experimentation industry, her get-back-up-again spirit is clear throughout the pages. Readers with an interest in the road to her animal advocacy will not be disappointed.

- Rick Bogle

Britt Lind's journey to find her ultimate calling (a voice for the animals) is filled with highs and lows on her road to Hollywood, and you will want to keep turning the page!

- Sylva Kelegian

Britt Lind's memoir gives the reader glimpses of her personal internal struggles when it came to being a successful actor, and then when it came to being an anti-vivisection animal rights activist. She describes these struggles and triumphs with such an honest clarity, which makes this book an intriguing read.

- K. Schramm